Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Politics, family-style

Net neutrality
I told our son that I thought the internet service providers see internet access as a commodity, but the customers see it as a service.

Our son agreed, but said that wasn't the crux of the problem.  He said the problem is that many people over about 50 may think of internet access as a luxury, since they managed without it for a good part of their lives, whereas those who grew up with it see it as a necessity.

My generation grew up hand-writing letters, doing research in printed books, and looking for jobs in printed newspapers.  All of those actions are now done largely online, and some can hardly be done any other way anymore--it's impossible to job-hunt without using the internet.

Our son said that, until the internet generation comes into political power, internet access won't be treated as what it has become--a utility just as necessary as electricity that must be regulated to allow, but limit, profit.

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